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From trying to catch butterflies as a child to my recent obsession with zoos’ panda cams, my love for animals spans the wild kingdom. My lease agreement won’t allow me to bring an entire menagerie home with me, but I still manage to share my apartment with a spunky Boston Terrier named North. Lucky for me, he likes shopping and wandering around as much as I do… but mostly for the attention and treats behind the counter.

We used to spend our spare time sniffing out the latest and greatest in pet news, products, and services. Now that it’s my job to share my finds with the world (and write all the posts you see on POPSUGAR Pets), please let me know what you want to hear about!

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هل ستعطي جميع حيواناته الأليفة نفس الاسم؟
هل اخترتِ اسم حيوانكِ الأليف قبل أن تعثري عليه في الحقيقة؟